Wonders to be Discovered.

"Not all those who wander are lost." J.R.R. Tolkein
Haley. 18. Minnesota. Love, compassion, honesty and justice are what I stand for. The ocean and this girl have my heart. I like to think deeply and I often enjoy the question 'What If?'. Wanderlust is a constant in my life and someday I will travel the globe and discover all the wonders this chaos has to offer us. But for now.. ask and I'll answer.

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theisluke said: Everything with a 1 or a 0 :)


1. What is your middle name?

- Marie :)

10. What shoe size are you?

-Ehhh between a 6.5 and 7.5.

11. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

-At least 20.

12. What was your last dream about? 

-Walking on the beach with my girl :)

13. What talents do you have?

-Oh god I am so talentless. I can play piano I guess.

14.Are you psychic in any way?

-I always know when it’s going to snow!

15. Favorite song?

-The Girl by City and Colour

16. Favorite movie?


17. Who would be your ideal partner?

-Tara :)

18. Do you want children?

-I will have one precious blonde baby girl named Alibean and she will be the love of my life.

19. Do you want a church wedding?

-OH GOD. No. Never. Never ever.

20. Are you religious?

-Not even slightly.

21.Have you ever been to the hospital?

-Yep! I faint a lot :P

30. How many pillows do you sleep with?

-Usually two.

31. What position do you usually sleep in?

-On my stomach usually! With my girlfriend I sleep on my side or on my stomach on her chest. 

40. Have you ever had a secret admirer?

-No. Thank god. That’s creepy.

41. Are you a good liar?

-Scary good.

50. Left or right handed?


51. Are you scared of spiders?

-Fucking deathly afraid of spiders.

60. Do you talk to yourself?

-Lol all the time. It’s weird.

61. Do you sing to yourself?

-ALWAYS. It’s awful. That’s what I’m doing currently!

70. Have you ever been scuba diving?

-No, but it’s on my bucketlist!

71. What makes you nervous?

-Grades. Tests. The LSAT. Law school. The bar exam. Getting a job. Basically my entire life rn.

80. How many piercings do you have?


81. Can you roll your Rs?

-Lololololololol. Nope. I’m in French too. 

90. What makes you angry?

-The education system, healthcare, war, the American government, ignorant people, and Minnesota.

91. Do you like your own name?

-If people could actually spell it I really wouldn’t mind it! But alas… nobody can so.

100. Color of your room?

-At home it’s blue and brown. Like the ocean and the sand :) At school it’s white. Like sterile rooms and dying. 



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